Minor Updates! - June 24th 2017

Hey guys!

Minor updates here! Also, some news regarding the trading villagers at /trade. It seems like there is a bug when it comes to custom trades, so we are just waiting on a fix for that. Below are a list of updates:

- Signs at /spawn that accurately show Donor perks
- /home 1 no longer needs votes to use, if you are a Donor
- /jail was escapable before - it isn't now.
- /firework command for Donors has been fixed and updated.
- /online command for players to use for a quick glance at how many people are on!
- New staff commands to help them do their jobs!
- Getting ready for Canada and Independence Day celebrations!
- Website has been updated.
- We are looking into possibly getting forums on the site
- Donor plans are now cheaper! We have been doing great in offsetting server costs, so we wanted to offer it to more people. Emerald also now includes the removal of the vote requirement! Remember, these are MONTHLY costs, as the server is a monthly bill for Robified.

PVP arena ideas have been floating around, but if you guys think you can build a PVP arena to impress, let Robified know in Discord (no materials will be supplied). If there is enough interest, we will hold a building competition, and the arena will be named in the winner's honour! The deadline is July 1st.

As always, any questions, ask in #help on Discord!

NetherVerse Discord